Carmen Smith

Clinician, EdD, MA

For decades, Dr. Carmen Smith has creatively shown empathy and a nonjudgmental passion for those who seek assistance with gaining personal wellness and applicable knowledge. She believes that psychology and education go hand-in-hand as evidenced by her combined education. Dr. Smith holds a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education, a Bachelor of Science in Behavior Science & Ethics, a Master of Arts in Education-Special Education – K-12, and a Doctor of Education in Counseling Psychology. She is also a Certified Expressive Arts Counselor.

Expressive Art is Dr. Smith’s passion! She loves learning about and applying the many methods and components of behavioral health, especially as it is associated with experiential expressive art. For many years, art and identifying how art affects behavior (her doctoral research study), has always been an important part of her classroom. Dr. Smith has been an educator of kindergarten, elementary, middle, high school, and college students in California, Nevada, and Oklahoma. She has also used art coupled with counseling techniques while working as a life coach, an in-home behavior tutor for children who displayed maladaptive behaviors, and special education. She has also worked as a social worker for children from the ages of six to eighteen with multiple diagnoses and supervised and counseled their house parents in the Ozark Mountains of Oklahoma. Dr. Smith both started and administrated an experiential expressive arts business and foundation.

Dr. Smith’s community volunteer work has shown forth in a variety of settings as she used expressive art as a focus. She has utilized her expressive arts skills at facilities like Bridges Out of Poverty, Neighbors Helping Neighbors, homeless shelters, and incarcerated adults.

Dr. Smith is tri-racial. Her racial identity, being born and raised in culturally diverse Los Angeles, CA, as well as traveling the world, gives her a personal understanding and acceptance of diversity.

In her spare time, Dr. Smith creates expressive art pieces, visits with her three grown children, their significant others, and three grandsons, and plays with her Cava-Poo dog (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle) and Tuxedo cat. She listens to jazz-international music, spiritual music, nature sounds, and enjoys social time with friends and family. She also makes time to read, swim and take walks.

Dr. Smith’s personal mantra is: “Create balanced and healthy self-talk that positively flows into life.”

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