Dana Thompson

Admissions Coordinator

Dana Thompson joined the Core Recovery Team as our Admissions Coordinator. Dana is available and eager to assist both patients and referents with making the admissions, insurance verification and intake scheduling process as smooth and as uncomplicated as possible.

Having worked in the behavioral health field since 1997 and having lived through both her professional and personal experiences with mental health issues, Dana has learned how to provide support during the recovery process and has developed a passion for helping others improve their quality of life. Dana’s enthusiasm and dedication to service to others is infectious!

Being a prominent member of our community, we are excited to have Dana here at Core to coordinate substance abuse, trauma and mental health care services for community members who are interested in starting one of Core Recovery’s programs.

Dana is a lover of everything outdoors. If she is not roller skating, hiking, paddle boarding, off-roading, playing on the beach, riding horses, feeding the ducks at the park, shooting her bow, or swinging a pickleball racquet, then you will find her rescuing an animal. She is known to have rescued everything from bunnies to horses. Often, you will find her enjoying these activities with her grandson!

Core Recovery is a Professionally Certified Mental Health Practice in North Phoenix.