HaileyLynn Carpenter


HaileyLynn holds a Master’s Degree in Addiction Counseling from Grand Canyon University and is a Licensed Associate Substance Abuse Counselor and a certifies Health and Life Coach. HaileyLynn’s vision for her clients is to discover new ways to live a life that are healthy and fulfilling. Graduating with honors, she received her Master’s in Addiction Counseling at Grand Canyon University. During this time she received addiction and mental health counseling experience with the team at Core Recovery under direct supervision of a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. HaileyLynn specializes in DBT, adolescent care, substance abuse assessments, treatment planning and development, psychoeducation, CBT, motivational interviewing, co-occurring disorders, and identifying cultural needs of special populations. HaileyLynn has a heart to serve her clients with empathy and understanding. License Type: LASAC

Employee Spotlight

What motivated you to wanting to be a therapist?

What motivated me to be a therapist was my own journey to sobriety and chronic negative thinking.  I was a huge worrier in college and I became fascinated with the human brain.  The human brain landed me in PSY 101 at NAU which led me to PSY 240 Family Counseling.  I fell in love with psychology and self-development instantly!  (Love at first theory as I like to say!).  After college I landed a job at GCU working with 1,500 counseling students to become LPC’s and LISAC’s.  I thought…”I could totally do this!” so I did!  I have been a life coach since 2017 and run my own business called Date Your Soul Life Coaching.  My inspiration to become a counselor was to help people at a deeper level with applied theory and compassion.  Being a therapist is a major joy of mine.  I love seeing transformation and being a beacon of light in dark times.  This is why I counsel with laughter, joy, and energy.

What do you see as new trends in behavior health issues following a pandemic?

Due to the pandemic I see new trends of isolation, boredom, and avoidance as behavioral health issues.  With the use of technology become the “new normal” and wearing masks, personal connection and body language are being cast aside.  I believe as a therapist it’s important to be expressive with tone, eyes, body language, and content to engage clients like never before. In addition to combating these new trends will be the importance to continually encourage and have high respect for our clients and this new phase of living and surviving.  I also see the trend of more resilient counselors showing flexibility and acceptance of telehealth which is awesome.  We will get through this!

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