Mary Smith

Chief Organizational Effectiveness Officer, PsyD

Mary brings to Core a wide array of skills and abilities having worked in diverse industries such as mental health, education, law enforcement, IT and legal. She obtained her undergraduate degree magna cum laude at California State University, San Marcos, California. She obtained her graduate degrees summa cum laude at California School for Professional Psychology (CSPP) in Clinical psychology and Industrial Organizational Psychology, in San Diego, and Fresno, California respectively.

During her early career, Mary worked with school districts, court systems, hospitals, and universities in areas of psychometrics and statistics, counseling, child custody evaluations, and psychological research focused on neuropsychology. Mary also carried out a longitudinal study and co-authored a journal article titled Maternal Sensitivity and How it Affects a Child’s Attachment Style with her mentor and colleagues from California State University, Fresno.

Later in Mary’s career, she turned her focus more toward industrial-organizational psychology (business psychology) and assisted organizations such as sheriff departments, harbor police, data centers, and law firms with their organizational development needs such as defining company culture, improving employee engagement, administration placement and development, personnel psychology, marketing, management, and developing and delivering training. She has served as both an outside consultant and an in-house industrial organizational psychologist to organizations.

Mary feels extremely blessed and grateful that she has ultimately found the perfect fit at Core Recovery for both her education and experience. She relishes the fact that she can now marry both the clinical and industrial organizational aspects of her expertise to guide her while performing her responsibilities as she serves in her role as in-house COEO at Core Recovery. Mary is a San Diego, California native and has resided in Arizona for approximately ten years.

Core Recovery is a Professionally Certified Mental Health Practice in North Phoenix.