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Nikki Kirby

Nikki is a dedicated and compassionate Registered Dietitian and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist. Her unwavering commitment to guiding individuals on their journey towards healing and nourishment has made her a respected figure in the field of nutrition and mental health. With a deep-rooted belief in an all foods fit philosophy, Nikki empowers her clients to develop a healthy relationship with food, foster self-acceptance, and embrace the joy of eating.

Nikki possesses a comprehensive understanding of the complexities surrounding eating disorders from her experience working at inpatient, residential, and PHP levels of care. With an empathetic demeanor, Nikki creates a safe space for her clients to express their concerns, fears, and aspirations while working towards a balanced and fulfilling life.

Nikki’s love for food and nutrition does not stop in the office. In fact, some of Nikki’s favorite hobbies include trying new recipes, baking sweet treats, and going to new restaurants. 


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