Adolescent Mental Health Intensive Outpatient

Core Recovery has Master Level Therapist licensed by the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health. Our counselors specialize in Adolescent Mental health and provide a biopsychosocial assessment and utilize psychological diagnostic tools to identify mental health and substance abuse issues. After the assessment the counselor creates a treatment plan that uses evidenced based treatment strategies to meet the individual needs of patients. Core Recovery provides an Adolescent Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program that uses Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). DBT is an integration of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness skills that helps people who have mood, depression, anxiety, addictive, impulse control and personality disorders. It is an evidenced based treatment that helps identify the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviors and their impact on life situations. DBT balances validation of an individual’s experience with the development of skills to manage crisis, regulate emotions, and enhance motivation to change.  Adolescent Mental Health IOP is 3x a week at 3 hours each time. Core Recovery’s IOP provides a 1x a week individual counseling session to address issues that patients do not feel comfortable with expressing in a group setting. Start living the LIFE you deserve!
  • group process and interaction (discussion and role play)
  • utilizing a bio-psychosocial approach to strengthening neglected areas of a client’s life
  • allowing clients to enter the program at any point in the cycle of sessions
  • teaching clients to use relaxation and visualization techniques
  • Providing encouragement and support
  • Challenge clients beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and attitude in regards to change
  • Assist the clients in learning and incorporating pro-social skills