Marina Mahoney, Biller

Marina Mahoney has demonstrated sustainable success in the healthcare field as both an administrator and consultant for over 20 years.  In that time, she has worked in single and multi-specialty practices, primary care, behavioral health centers, and specialty pharmacies.  She leads organizations with a hands-on approach to daily operations and has developed proven strategies in the management of billing, personnel, budgeting, marketing, contracting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and strategic planning processes.

Marina’s introduction to health care began when she was as an urgent care nurse where she became passionate about providing quality care to patients. Marina then availed herself to gaining a more comprehensive knowledge of the healthcare industry and was introduced to insurance reimbursement. Following her foundational learning, she advanced her position and skill as she moved through practices ranging from solo practitioners to groups of over 500 physicians and clinicians. Marina has used that wealth of experience to develop strategies that are key to the billing operations of healthcare services.

Marina’s expertise allows her to provide exceptional quality and a range of operational services to medical and behavioral health group practices, including:

  • Medical Billing & Collections

Performing all day-to-day billing functions for physician group practices, including claims submission, payment posting, claims follow-up, patient statements, and medical group financial accounting.

  • Human Resources

Assisting with critical functions impacting effective human resource management, including evaluating resumes for qualified candidates, interviewing candidates and assisting with the hiring process, developing job descriptions and evaluating employee performance, facilitating communication among team members, and overall team management.

  • Operational Consulting

Assisting Administrative teams in evaluating opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness with regard to internal work processes, including patient registration, patient flow, clinical and administrative staffing, and other operational efficiencies.

Other areas of focus include patient communication, patient and physician satisfaction, and employee satisfaction.

Marina now owns and leads PCOA, a revenue cycle management group. PCOA has been in operation since July 2017. As a billing company located in Texas, PCOA serves the behavioral health community throughout California, Texas and Arizona with aspirations to provide its unique and high-quality services throughout the nation.