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Individual Counseling
Core Recovery has Master Level Therapist licensed by the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health. Our counselors provide a biopsychosocial assessment and utilize psychological diagnostic tools to identify mental health and substance abuse issues. After the assessment the counselor creates a treatment plan that uses evidenced based treatment strategies to meet the individual needs of patients. The counselors work along side other practitioners to communicate and coordinate care, which ultimately increases treatment outcomes and decreases the amount of time needed in services. Individual counseling is provided as a one-on-one treatment strategy to provide the patient with coping strategies and tools that will increase an individuals quality of life.

Family Therapy
Core Recovery clinicians are highly trained in the area of family systems approaches to treatment. Our clinicians will join with your family by developing common goals and creating an individualized treatment plan that meets the needs of all members involved. We use an interactive and experiential approach to help your family learn new, positive ways of communicating and building relationships.

Marriage and Couples Counseling
Core Recovery is also available to provide marriage and couples counseling. Clients who seek our services may be facing the difficult decision of whether or not to end a relationship. Couples may be dealing with high conflict in their relationship or they may be looking for ways to increase intimacy, to improve their life together.
Each couple who participates in our services begins the process with a comprehensive assessment, evaluating current areas of distress, problematic behaviors, as well as personal strengths and support. These in depth assessments are used to create individualized, strength-based treatment plans that will be an instrumental part of driving the treatment process.

Child and Adolescent Treatment
Being a child or teenager comes with many challenges. Many adults might say that they could not be paid enough to go back in time and face those years again. This is a time filled with questions. Questions about identity, the meaning of life, relationships with others, and the world around us. Core Recovery clinicians have many years of experience working with children and adolescents in both in and out-patient settings. We provide a caring and open atmosphere that allows these individuals in this developmental stage to explore and learn about themselves.

Group Counseling
Core Recovery offers counseling groups as an option for treatment of various issues. We believe there is great value in group therapy, as it provides clients with the opportunity to connect with others’, learn from their peers, and have the experience to practice new skills. We offer the following groups:
Grief and Depression Recovery for Older Adults. Voices Empowerment Group for Adolescent Girls.