Sex Addiction

At Core Recovery, we offer sex addiction treatment for men and women, as well as counseling services for the partners of sex addicts. We understand the shame that comes along with this addiction and provide a warm, nonjudgmental, safe space for our clients to explore these issues. We believe in addressing not only the problematic behaviors but the root causes of the addiction.


It’s quite simple. All you have to do is this cool thing. We can help you.

It’s quite simple. All you have to do is this cool thing. We can help you.

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Sex Addiction indicators

Indicators that sexual behavior may be out of control include: an obsession with sex that dominates one’s life, including sexual fantasies that interfere with work performance; so much time devoted to planning sexual activity that it interferes with other activities; strong feelings of shame about one’s sexual behavior; a feeling of powerlessness or inability to stop despite predictable adverse consequences; inability to make a commitment to a loving relationship; extreme dependence upon a relationship as a basis for feelings of self-worth; or little emotional satisfaction gained from the sex act.

Security Concerns

Compulsive or addictive sexual behavior is a security concern because it may lead to poor judgment or lack of discretion, indicate a serious emotional or mental problem, open one to exploitation, manipulation, or extortion, or attract the attention of hostile intelligence or security services. Sexual intimacy often leads to personal intimacy. The bedroom is an ideal location for a hostile intelligence or security service to learn of an individual’s resentment of a boss, longing to be rich, compulsive need to feel important, or problems with a spouse.

Addicts of all types typically organize a part of their life and their circle of friends around their addiction. Intelligence and security services generally maintain sources in these circles, and it is easy for them to place an agent in contact with a potential target who attracts attention through these activities. Habitual behaviors that provide such access opportunities for foreign intelligence and security services increase the risk that an individual will become a target and that any vulnerabilities that do exist will be discovered and exploited.

Other Information

A survey of Sex and Love Addicts found that 58% of its members were male, 92% Caucasian, 44% in professional jobs, 24% with a postgraduate degree and 31% with a college degree. The sexual orientation of its members was 63% heterosexual, 11% bisexual, and 26% gay or lesbian.

It is normal for recovery groups like this to have a disproportionate number of highly educated members. That is only because well-educated persons are more likely to seek out self-help programs. There is no evidence that well-educated persons are more likely than others to suffer from sexual addiction.