I believe success in life is not just about luck or privilege. It about managed thoughts, focused attention, and deliberate action… skills that many people are never taught. Using a combination of CBT/DBT based therapies, my goal is to help others learn skills that will lead to greater success and happiness – however the individual defines it. I believe it’s never too early or too late to learn skills to manage emotions and increase effectiveness in every area of one’s life. As a trauma therapist, I have worked with individuals from ages 3-90 and seen transformational results. I also have extensive experience with crisis intervention in both inpatient and outpatient settings. As a former project manager, I take an action-based approach to therapy which includes planning, identifying and managing risk, and utilization of behavioral strategies (in addition to traditional talk therapy). As you grow to know yourself better and identify strategies and coping skills to help you manage your emotions, you become more capable of achieving your goals and of becoming a happier, more effective individual. Life is hard, and you can learn to succeed anyway.