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Tyler Marks

I was born in Arizona where I was raised by a single mother, so early on I learned the value of hard work. I started working early in my life and since have been focused on honing my skills to be a valuable member in the workplace. After spending some time working at an assisted living center, I quickly learned how important it is to truly care for and to build up the people you work with, as well as the ones you work for. I believe the value of this comes together when you share similar goals and really build relationships to become a true support system for one another. I believe that my position here at Core will allow me to be a support for Core’s patients as well as my fellow staff members. That excites me! At home I’m a huge movie buff. I especially enjoy a good horror movie! I’m also obsessed with music and my Siberian husky Mika. When it comes to going out, I love going to new restaurants and exploring the city!

Core Recovery is a Professionally Certified Mental Health Practice in North Phoenix.