Supervised Education (Teen PHP Program)

Supervised Education in Adolescent PHP Treatment Program

At Core Recovery, we understand the importance of academic support for adolescents receiving treatment. Thus, we offer Supervised Education integrated into our specialized Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), designed to ensure that educational needs are met during the treatment period.

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Understanding Supervised Education

Supervised Education involves structured academic support provided to adolescents enrolled in our PHP. It allows students to continue their education in a supportive environment while simultaneously receiving mental health treatment. The program accommodates various educational needs, including schoolwork, tutoring, assignments, and educational support.

This component of our PHP is designed to bridge the gap between mental health treatment and education, ensuring that adolescents can maintain their academic progress and prevent disruptions to their learning.

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Integration into Adolescent PHP Treatment Program

At Core Recovery, we prioritize a comprehensive approach to adolescent mental health care by integrating Supervised Education into our specialized PHP program. Our program provides dedicated time and resources for academic support, allowing adolescents to engage in educational activities and coursework in a structured and supportive setting.

Our team coordinates with the students’ family to provide a safe, supervised, and supportive environment for patients to continue their educational curriculum and goals. This ensures that the academic needs of each adolescent are addressed, allowing them to keep up with their studies while receiving the necessary mental health treatment.

Benefits of Supervised Education

Supervised Education in our Adolescent PHP program offers numerous benefits. It allows adolescents to:

  • Maintain their academic progress during their treatment period
  • Receive academic support and guidance from qualified educators
  • Prevent educational disruptions that could occur due to their mental health treatment
  • Foster a supportive and conducive learning environment that complements their therapeutic journey

How Supervised Education Supports Recovery

By integrating Supervised Education into our Adolescent PHP program, we aim to promote holistic healing. Academic engagement and success contribute positively to an adolescent’s sense of accomplishment, self-esteem, and overall well-being. It also facilitates a smoother transition back to their regular academic setting after completing their treatment.

At Core Recovery, we understand the importance of academic continuity for adolescents undergoing mental health treatment.

Our Supervised Education component within the Adolescent PHP program serves as a supportive bridge between mental health care and academic success.

To learn more about Supervised Education within our Adolescent PHP program or to inquire about enrollment, please contact us today.

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