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Core Recovery is a state of Arizona licensed outpatient mental health facility. We use evidence-based techniques for assessment, diagnosis, and treatment to ensure you receive the top-level care you need from day one.

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Convenient Program Schedules

Receiving care at an intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization level of care is not always easy. As with most things in life, how much you get out of your treatment is a function of the time and effort you put into it.

IOP and PHP programs are short-term investments of time and effort. The goal of treatment is to ensure patients graduates from our programs restored, renewed, and empowered, so that they never require entry into another IOP, PHP, residential, or inpatient program again.

At Core Recovery, we understand that fitting an IOP or PHP program into your busy schedule can be difficult. Therefore, we strive to make our programming schedules as convenient as possible for our patients, by offering services in multiple locations, with multiple options for treatment schedules that fit best with their lives.

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Two Age Groups

At Core Recovery, we treat adults and teenagers.

We offer adult programming in mornings and evenings. Morning programming tends to work best for adults who are not currently working, or who work afternoons and evenings. Evening programming is designed to accommodate the schedules of adults who are receiving treatment while working 9am-5pm jobs, or who have other daily obligations.

Adolescent IOP programming occurs after school hours, so that teens can receive treatment without disrupting their ordinary school routines. Adolescent PHP programming accommodates teenagers who are either not currently attending school, or who are pursuing schooling remotely.

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