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Co-Occurring IOP

Core Recovery’s Co-Occurring IOP programs acknowledge that many adults and adolescents struggle with more than one thing at once. Core’s co-occurring programs specialize in treating the intersection of mental health, addiction, and/or eating disorders.

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Eating Disorder IOP

Core Recovery offers eating disorder IOP programs for adults and adolescents, incorporating therapy, psychiatric care, diet, and nutrition into an integrated program that promotes long-term recovery, by not only treating eating disorders, but also the mental and emotional challenges that fuel them.

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Addiction IOP

Core Recovery is not a typical “detox” center. Instead, we provide separate programming for adolescents and adults that focuses on overcoming addictions while also striking at the root of the mental, behavioral, and emotional challenges that fuel addiction and trigger relapse.

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Mental Health IOP

Core Recovery offers adult mental health programming in mornings and evenings, and a separate adolescent program after school hours.

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