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Coping with Grief & Loss

I am Rebekkah Martinez and I work here at Core Recovery.

I wanted to make a brief video explaining a little bit about our new program here at Core Recovery. Our program is, “Grief and Loss in the Midst of a Global Pandemic.” The goal of this program is to provide support and insight into the ways in which a collective trauma, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, contributes to an individuals grief and loss.

The reality is that your life has been touched by this pandemic.

You may have experienced an easily identifiable loss such as loss of a loved one, loss of health, or loss of resources, such as employment. There are also less obvious, yet equally painful losses.

Do you feel anxious and fearful?
This could be a result of losing your feeling of safety in the world.

Do you find yourself drawn back to painful memories when you were powerless or grieving?
If so Core Recovery can help.

If you’re interested in attending this program please contact our office and please stay safe out there!

Core Recovery cares about your mental health! We look forward to hearing from you.

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