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Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

In the spirit of kindness and all the benefits that come from it, Core Recovery is launching a kindness campaign. Our goal is to start a wave of kindness throughout our community.
Animation of taking photos on a phone
Animation of taking photos on a phone

How to Get Involved

  • If you witness real acts of kindness, grab a quick video or photo and post it to Instagram or Facebook as a story or post. Mention us and use the hashtag #corekindness.

  • Every quarter we’ll hold a poll to determine the best act of kindness.

  • The winner will receive five $10 gift cards to anywhere they want. They can keep some for themselves or pay it forward by giving some to others.

Animation of taking photos on a phone

Kindness Acts to Get You Started

Below are some things you might see in your community. The next time you do, CAPTURE IT! Send it in and enter for your chance to pay it forward!

At home and in your community

  • Check on a neighbor who may need help.

  • Help a friend or family member with a project.

  • Tell your family how much you appreciate them.

  • Give your seat to an elderly, disabled, or pregnant person.

  • Help a tourist who is lost.

  • Say hello to a homeless person, give him/her a bottle of water.

  • Hold the door for someone.

  • Pick up trash lying in the street.

At work

  • Remember to say, “Hi,” to colleagues and ask how they are.

  • Offer to buy a coffee for your colleague.

  • Get to know a new staff member.

  • Listen to a colleague having a bad day.

  • Praise a coworker for something they have done well.

holding hands benefits of kindness
holding hands benefits of kindness

Benefits of Kindness

According to one study, people who were treated kindly at work repaid it by being 278% more generous to coworkers compared to a control group. Being kind at work increases job statisfaction, and can create a morale-boosting wave throughout an organization.

Another study showed that many leaders view kindness as a core value. When viewed this way and communicated consistently, employees are happier and more productive. Financial performance also increases.

Woman in a therapy session

Kindess Is a Virtue

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” – Mark Twain

If you have questions or would like to help, feel free to reach out!

Our Kindness Goals

“I am very passionate about my community because I know when it’s kind and healthy, the world is a better place,” says Core Recovery Founder Jillian Vanselow.

“Our goal is to start a wave of kindness throughout our community. We’re not looking for staged events, but real-life things people do to help others, their community, or the environment. We know they’re out there, and we want to celebrate them and start a chain reaction that spreads across our great city!“

Core Recovery staff in front of their office team

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Eating Disorder Treatment Program Coming Fall 2023