Debunking Recovery Myths to Get to the Real Truth

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We’ve learned first hand that widespread myths about addiction recovery can discourage people from getting help. We want to help debunk those myths and encourage people to get the help they need.

Myth #1: You have to hit rock bottom to be in recovery.

Rock bottom is a very subjective condition. While many who feel they can still hold a job, are not homeless or in jail, or are not in complete financial ruin don’t need to start recovery yet.  But many want to get help before they hit rock bottom. Anyone can benefit from being in recovery. You do not have to sink to your lowest level in order to change your life and quit alcohol and drugs. But you do need the desire to change, and for some, that does mean experiencing severe consequences to their addiction. But for many, the desire comes from wanting to avoid hitting rock bottom.

Truth: Being sober can benefit anyone, and you can get sober at any time in your life.

Myth #2: People in recovery are boring and no fun.

This myth is particularly frustrating and could not be further from the truth. It’s important to consider that not everyone needs to use alcohol or drugs to have fun. And for those in recovery, what was once a fun activity turned into a full-fledged addiction. Blacking, being completely out of control, or not being able to remember the night before isn’t really what most consider “fun.” Many in recovery have told us they learned more about themselves and discovered how much more time, money, and resources they have that they can use for hobbies, travel, and fun things they have wanted to do. Life is not boring. It’s finally worth living!

Truth: People can have and be fun, even if they are not using drugs or alcohol.

Myth #3: If you’re using medication-assisted treatment, you’re not really sober.

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is a type of treatment that combines medication, counseling, and behavioral therapy. Prescribing certain medications to people with opioid use disorders helps reduce cravings and compulsive behaviors, prevent or reduce overdose, and decrease the need for inpatient detoxification. MAT is a recovery treatment that can save lives through effective management of the medication being prescribed. Don’t hinder recovery objectives by spreading untrue myths about this effective treatment program.

Truth: You can absolutely be sober with the help of medication.

Please don’t let these or other common myths prevent you from getting the care and treatment you need for your addiction. Recovery is possible, and we’ve witnessed it many times.

You are not alone. Core Recovery is here to help. Take that first step by giving us a call.

Jordan in is a healthcare entrepreneur who has partnered with practices across the United States to expand services to meet the needs of their respective communities.



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