EMDR Trauma Treatment

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Healing the Mind

EMDR is an acronym for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. EMDR is a type of treatment for people suffering from the symptoms and emotional distress of traumatic, disturbing life experiences. Using EMDR therapy, the mind can heal from psychological trauma in a similar way to which the body recovers from physical trauma.

You can get help in only a fraction of the time required for traditional therapy. There are over 30 positive studies which have shown that EMDR is able to accomplish therapy benefits that previously took years to accomplish with only a few treatments.

How EMDR Works

There are eight phases in EMDR therapy. For part of the session, eye movements or other bilateral stimulation are used. First, your clinician will determine which memory to target. The patient will be asked to use their eyes to track the therapist’s hand as it moves back and forth across the patient’s field of vision as they hold different aspects of the targeted memory in mind.

The patient will experience internal associations and begin to process the disturbing feelings as they revisit the memory. When EMDR therapy is successful, there is a transformation of the meaning of painful events on an emotional level. A victim of traumatic abuse can shift from feeling horror and self-disgust to holding the belief that they are strong and have survived.

Successful Outcomes

Patients successfully concluding EMDR therapy feel enabled by the very experiences that once degraded or traumatized them. The individual is transformed as their psychological wounds are healed.

The most predictable outcome of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing is that a patient’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior reach a healthy resolution without detailed discussions of the trauma or “doing homework” as used in other therapies.

Unlike talk-based therapy, the insights patients gain in EMDR therapy are not as much from the clinician’s interpretation but in the patient’s own accelerated intellectual and emotional processes.

Get Your Life Back

If talking about your trauma is difficult and a reason you’ve avoided therapy, you’ve come to the right place. We’re experts in EMDR and have helped many get their lives back through this innovative non-traditional treatment process. Let us help you.

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