Men’s Mental Health

Core Recovery is a state of Arizona licensed outpatient mental health facility. We use evidence-based techniques for assessment, diagnosis, and treatment to ensure you receive the top-level care you need from day one.

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Don’t Wait for a Crisis—Get the Help You Need Today

Men, in general, tend to wait until there is a crisis to seek treatment. This could be because of society’s expectation that men hide certain feelings or vulnerabilities, the belief men need to be able to handle everything by themselves, or some other reason.

Whatever the cause, it means men can suffer from depression, stress, anxiety, PTSD, or substance abuse for longer before asking for help. Working with a clinician in a goal-based therapy program can give you tools to manage whatever is triggering the stress, depression or other mental health concerns.

Take the First Step

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Let’s Talk Mental Health

Seeking help for mental health isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength. Stop the stigma. Change the statistics.

Mental health stats are important, because they can affect you, us, family and friends, personally.

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Why Seeking Help Works

You may feel like you need to “be a man and tough it out,” but that doesn’t work when it comes to your mental health. Just like “toughing it out” when you break a bone can mean having to have the bone re-broken before it can heal, ignoring mental health concerns can mean tearing down stronger walls to get to the root of the problem. We’ve helped hundreds of patients, and while we won’t know your story until you talk to us, we’re confident our experience will help us help you navigate the causes and teach you techniques to cope. 

Mental Health Is Just as Important as Physical Health

When men’s health is mentioned the focus is usually on fitness. Let’s change that. While we can all agree there are many factors for maintaining your physical health and helping you live a longer and fulfilled life—but what about your mental health?

No matter your physical condition, you need to take stock in your mental state. After all, how are you going to walk your little girl down the aisle, build a play set for your son, or rescue your mom from a flat tire if you’re not at your best not only physically, but also mentally?

Getting Back In the Game Starts Here

The Core Recovery Process

At Core Recovery, we take a unique approach to mental health: we focus on treating the whole person. Our team of professionals will work with you in a confidential manner to help you not only process the reason for your anxiety, stress, depression, substance abuse, PTSD or anger, but we will also provide you with tools and techniques for you to manage triggers in the future. 

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