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Co-Occurring PHP

Core Recovery’s Co-Occurring Partial Hospitalization Programs specialize in treating the intersection of mental health, addiction, and/or eating disorders. These adult and adolescent programs recognize that many people battle more than one thing at once.

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Eating Disorder PHP

Core Recovery offers adult and adolescent partial hospitalization programs for eating disorders. Whether treating an adult or a teen, the goals of the program are the same—to provide integrated psychiatric, therapeutic, and nutritional care to promote sustained healing by simultaneously treating the acute eating disorder as well as the eating disorder’s underlying mental and behavioral triggers.

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Addiction PHP

Core Recovery offers addiction PHP programs for adults and for teens. Both programs share twin goals—to provide the care that patients need to overcome their addictions and also to strike at the root of the underlying emotional and/or behavioral issues that trigger addiction and make relapse more likely.

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Mental Health PHP

Core Recovery’s adult and teen PHP programs are designed to provide an option for daily mental health treatment without the burdens, disruption, or expense of residential or inpatient care.

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