SAMSHA Offers Webinar Series for National Recovery Month

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What Does Addiction Recovery Look Like for You?

On the surface, recovering from drug or alcohol addiction means being clean and sober. To stop using and abusing. But it can mean so much more; it can mean hope and freedom. It can mean living a happy life that one can be proud of living. It can mean making loved ones smile again.

September is National Recovery Month, and Core Recovery congratulates and recognizes the gains made by all those currently in recovery and those who have successfully completed their recovery treatments.

Stopping drug and alcohol use is just part of a long and complex recovery process. In most cases, by the time someone seeks treatment, the addiction has caused serious consequences in their lives. Unemployment, relationship issues, health concerns, even homelessness and criminal behavior.

But let’s talk about the beginning. Saying those three vitally impactful words … “I need help.” And then acting on them. It takes courage, strength, and support. At Core Recovery, we understand how hard and frightening it can be. But it’s also the most beautiful gift you can give yourself. You deserve all of the support, help, and encouragement you need. And you’ll find it here at Core Recovery

The Benefits of Recovery

Recover can be many things, depending on your individual situation. But in our experience, we’ve found our patients benefit in a variety of ways: 

Regain Control of Your Life – By choosing recovery, you can break the bonds of alcohol and drugs that control you now. You will see the world with a whole new perspective. As you progress through treatment, you’ll learn to cope on your own and live life the way you decide, no longer bound by your addiction. 

Reclaim Your Self Esteem – Recovery lets you reconnect with yourself and others and reclaim your self-esteem. Those who are addicted sometimes live to please others and don’t treat themselves very well. That can lead to serious mental as well as physical conditions. Once patients are in recovery, they often realize they deserve better and begin to treat themselves better.

Improve Damaged Relationships – We’ve heard from many of our patients that the worst part of addiction is seeing those they love suffer. Whether that’s a spouse, children, friends, parents, siblings, co-workers … addiction impacts a wide circle around you. Recovery can help improve your relationships. It’s hard work and may not happen right away, but for most of us, it’s definitely worth it. In many ways, it can be the biggest motivation for seeking help. But a word of caution … make sure you choose recovery for you; knowing it can make your loved ones happy and proud is just a bonus. Recovery is all about YOU.

SAMSHA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) is offering a robust webinar series to celebrate and support those in recovery

Select a webinar below:

September 3: Integration of Medication-Assisted Treatment in Treatment and Recovery Support

September 10: Transforming Lives Through Supported Employment

September 17: Communities Supporting Recovery

September 24: The Importance of Integrating Recovery Support Services: The Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic Model

Live the Life You Deserve

You matter, and you deserve a better life. When living with addiction, the future can look bleak. But when you take that first step toward recovery, a whole new world of opportunity seems to open up. Know that you deserve a better future. When you begin your road to recovery, you’ll start looking forward. And as you progress, you’ll make yourself and others proud.

Support is All Around You

Whether you have successfully completed your recovery, currently in recovery, or just beginning your recovery process, you can find support all around you. SAMSHA is offering a webinar series to help those in recovery.

With experts in substance abuse counseling and treatment, Core Recovery is here to help you begin your journey to recovery. We’ll be with you to support you on your way to reaching your destination, whatever that may look like to you.

 Are you ready to begin your recovery?

Click here to find out more about the webinars!

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