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Core Recovery is a state of Arizona licensed outpatient mental health facility. We use evidence-based techniques for assessment, diagnosis, and treatment to ensure you receive the top-level care you need from day one.

Young hispanic teenager stressed sitting on sofa at home

“Partial hospitalization program,” or “PHP,” is an outdated and confusing term. PHP is the highest level of outpatient (i.e., non-residential) behavioral health care. There are no overnight stays at a hospital or facility; patients live at home and attend programming during the day.

Core Recovery’s Teen Addiction PHP treats adolescents struggling with addiction to alcohol and other legal and illegal chemical substances (e.g., opioids), as well as non-substance-based addictions like social media, gambling, sex, love, and gaming.

Young hispanic teenager stressed sitting on sofa at home

Core Recovery’s Teen Addiction PHP provides comprehensive, integrated care, five days per week. The program offers a fully day of therapeutic and educational programming for teenagers who are currently attending school remotely or participating in online learning. The PHP program offers a safe, structured, and supervised environment for adolescents to receive the mental health care that will empower them to return to more ordinary routines.

Core Recovery’s clinical team includes therapists, psychiatric professionals, registered dietitians, and case managers, all of whom work collaboratively to meet the individualized needs of every patient.

From the first day of treatment, the Core Recovery clinical team engages warmly, honestly, and empathetically with every teenage patient and their families to develop a customized treatment plan that is tailored to meeting that patient’s unique clinical needs and personal goals. Individualized treatment plans for Core Recovery’s patients include a combination of group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, diet and nutrition counseling, and psychiatric / medication management and treatment.

Core Recovery uses evidence-based modalities—including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)—to provide each patient with an enriching and rewarding therapeutic experience.

We know that entering a PHP program is a big commitment for our teenage patients and their families. At Core Recovery, our commitment is that the time and effort that our patients put into their care is rewarded by the transformation that they see in their mental health, well-being, and quality of life.

FAQs About Core Recovery's Teen Addiction PHP

A: Outpatient treatment is highly effective in treating all types of addiction, including drugs and alcohol. Core Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient Program is more accessible and flexible than an inpatient program, while still offering support and structure throughout the week.

A: At Core Recovery, we have extensive experience treating many different types of addiction, including drugs, alcohol, tobacco, social media, codependency, gaming, social media and internet.

A: Core Recovery’s teen PHP program is designed for adolescents who are not currently attending school in person. The program offers additional supervised education time before daily programing.

A: Groups are the foundation of our program and are required at all levels of care. Group therapy and psychoeducation offers our patients a safe and supportive space to process through their struggles with peers who can relate and are on their own healing journeys.

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