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Teen Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

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Core Recovery’s teen partial hospitalization program provides the highest level of outpatient care for adolescents between the ages of 13-17 struggling with mental health, substance use, or related conditions.  The Teen PHP is designed for adolescents who are not currently attending school in-person. 

Core Recovery offers a full day of programming for adolescents, Monday through Friday, from 9am – 6pm.  Programming includes: 

  • Daily Mental Health Groups.  Each day, the adolescent mental health groups employ evidence-based treatment strategies to meet the individual needs of our teenage patients. 
  • Daily Creative Expression Classes.  Adolescent creative expression groups promote creativity and self-exploration through various art forms. After each project is completed, the group is guided in opening up and processing what they expressed and why. 
  • Daily Supervised Schoolwork.  Core Recovery staff members supervise adolescents in the safety and security of a mental health treatment facility as they participate in their remote learning curricula.
  • Weekly Individual Therapy Sessions.  Adolescents will be assigned a primary therapist, and will meet with them weekly as part of their programming. 
  • Weekly Family Systems Therapy Sessions.  Adolescents and one or more family members participate in weekly sessions that integrate family into the patient’s treatment, focusing on improved communication, understanding, and support. 

Weekly Psychiatric Appointments.  Patients meet with a psychiatric professional to discuss their progress and, if applicable, any medications that they are taking.    

What Program Is Right for My Child?

Core Recovery’s Teen PHP program is designed for adolescents who are not currently attending school in-person.  The Teen PHP program differs from Core Recovery’s Teen IOP program, which is designed to allow students who are attending school in-person to also receive an intensive outpatient level of mental health care at Core Recovery.

The Teen PHP program is designed to provide the structure and stability necessary to help tenns feel ready to reintegrate into ordinary routines, after successfully meeting their treatment goals. 

Who Can Core Recovery’s Teen PHP Program Help?

The Teen PHP program provides time-intensive treatment for those living with mental health challenges, including one or more of the following: 

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Trauma
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • PTSD
  • Substance and Alcohol use

Adolescents struggling with one or more of these issues may benefit from the Teen PHP program’s structured outpatient therapy and support.  Patients include adolescents who have recently discharged from inpatient or residential facilities, as well as adolescents who are in outpatient treatment and require more intensive care than they are currently receiving. 

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What Are the Benefits of Core Recovery’s Teen PHP Program?

The benefits of Core Recovery’s Teen PHP program include: 

  • The option for a full day of programming and supervision, for adolescents who are not attending school, but who would benefit from the structure and stability of a full day of programming outside of the home. 
  • Intensive mental health treatment (at least 5 hours per day, five days per week) that puts adolescents on a path toward recovery and return to more ordinary routines. 
  • Weekly psychiatric appointments, as part of an integrated mental health treatment plan. 
  • The opportunity to continue performing online coursework in a safe, supervised environment. 
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